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The Mediterranean diet is a product of history, geography and a wide network of human and cultural relations around the sea, exchanging goods, products, techniques and ideas. Over time has been refined, diversified and transmitted to succeeding generations.

According to the custom of the Portuguese, wine consumption should occur during meals and the ideal is to consume olive oil daily. In the Mediterranean diet, meals are usually accompanied by large quantities of bread. The fruits and vegetables are eaten in cooked dishes, soups and salads prepared with olive oil. The milk is consumed in small quantities unlike cheese. As the Portuguese coast is extensive, the fish have a large representation in our kitchen.

Since this is admittedly a healthy diet, is considered by experts as the best diet in the world. This is due to the fact that it comprises all food groups, particularly healthier which, when consumed in adequate proportions, eventually confer to followers of such a state of health food best.

The Mediterranean diet, based soups, vegetables, grilled and baked has strong chances of becoming intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

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